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We offer high-quality basement finishing services. Our team of experts will help you with basement designs, and we will take care of all the rest - demolition, basement construction, electrical, plumbing, and tiling painting.

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With hundreds of custom designs, you can create your bath, your way. At ForHome, we don’t just fit your bath, we fit your style. Why have over two million people brought ForHome into their homes?

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We have a professional carpentry to create your ideal home, and I have the most professional design team to serve your project.

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Flooring renovations can help achieve your interior design goals and increase energy efficiency. To fulfill your unique flooring needs, enlist the help of a qualified flooring contractor, that is what we do!

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Forhome is the trusted kitchen renovation company in GTA areas. we are kitchen and bathroom specialists but also perform other types of home renovations such as custom cabinetry for entertainment units and closets.

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Forhome has been in the staircase renovation business for 10 years serving Toronto and the surrounding areas.


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